IOT Development Service


We are a company specialized in loT dedicated to electronic design and development.

Our commitment is to develop and give life to your ideas through our experience resulting in a positive and complete experience in the development and design of their products, plus your project will always be connected to your environment.

We will always show you the progress of your project when you require it, from product requirements analysis to production, including hardware and software design and development, prototypes(alpha and beta), box design, field testing, box build design.

Industries we can help

Our IoT solutions and developments are already widely used by mayor industries around the world


We offer automotive software development and connectivity backed by years of experience with automotive technologies and software engineering services to help automotive companies enter the future of mobility.

  • Automotive sensors.
  • Stable in-car connectivity.
  • Bus multiplexing system for emergency vehicles.
  • GPS tracker system.
  • loT technology.


We develop loT applications for companies dedicated to commerce that help them to analyze customer behavior, provide a better shopping experience in the store and increase revenue. In addition to having new product developement which you can start marketing.

  • Improving the customer experience
  • Improving the in-store experience
  • Improved inventory traceability.
  • Touch sensor display for home appliances.




We develop loT applications focused on Industries, this in order to facilitate the production flow in a plant, loT also automatically monitors the development and production cycles, manage your stock inventories more efficiently and effectively.

  • Packaging optimization
  • Quality control
  • Production flow monitoring





We are qualified to service the military area.

  • USB encryption key generator for secure file transport
  • GPS locations

We are qualified to service the military area.

  • USB encryption key generator for secure file transport
  • GPS locations


We develop loT-based applications to leverage technological innovation and automate internal processes, resulting in improved customer experience and more efficient management of medical information, enabling remote monitoring, better patient care and capturing patient vital signs through loT devices.

  • Simultaneous reporting and tracking
  • Data assortment and analysis
  • Tracking and alerts






Leverage loT systems to monitor crop and field conditions in real time. This is achieved through our agricultural software development services to devise innovative ways for farmers to run their operations.

    • Weather condition monitoring
    • Greenhouse automation
    • Crop management
    • GPS guidance systems

Our developement and engineering services

At GESDC we have forged a solid reputation by working with national and international companies, you can count on our following services:

Integrated IoT and M2M systems

Progression and integration of embedded software and firmware in a wide range of loT and M2M devices

IoT applicatios development

Development hat creates excellent desktop, mobile, and browser-based applications used for controlling and drawing readings from loT devices

Integrated network solutions

With our network integration service, keep everything in order and connected

Electrical Engineering

Power management from Instrumentation Control systems, Power devices.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop artificial intelligence software, create, redesign and customize systems and have the trunkey to complete your project quickly and affordably.

Engineering Consultants

Engineering and Systems Integration Consulting, if you have the idea, we can make it happen.

Electronic desing and development

We design your engineering from scratch until it becomes a functional project.

ERP Solutions

We will create a ERP system from scratch or customize your current systems with custom integrations.

Management systems development

Manage all your assets, plan spaces, make smart purchases, schedule repairs and maintenance, and improve livability in may ways.

Tell us about your project.

We help people like you bring your ideas to life. Stay connected your environment with our loT development.


Peñuelas Av. No. 110, Colonia Vista 2000, C.P. 76140, Querétaro, México.


Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.